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Cerulean Seas

Cerulean Seas is proud to offer this high-quality sea salt, from the California shores. It is derived from seawater and produced with an eye toward purity. Cerulean Seas Sea Salt (available in both fine and coarse grain), is kosher-certified for both Passover and daily use.

Today, salt is inexpensive and universally available, but that wasn’t always the case. Because of it’s importance in food preservation and the fact that the human body requires it (for the regulation of fluid balance), salt has been an extremely valuable commodity throughout the ages. It was even once used as a method of exchange–Roman soldiers received a salt allowance as part of their pay. Salt was valued by the ancient Hebrews and Greeks, throughout the Middle Ages and well into the 19th century when it began to become more plentiful and therefore, reasonable in price.

Salt (sodium chloride) comes either from salt mines or from the sea. Most of today's salt is mined and comes from large deposits left by dried salt lakes throughout the world. Table salt, a fine-grained refined salt with additives that make it free-flowing, is mainly used in cooking and as a table condiment. Iodized salt is table salt with added iodine (sodium iodide) – particularly important in geographic areas that lack natural iodine, an important preventative for hypothyroidism.

Sea salt is the type of salt used throughout history and is the result of the evaporation of sea water – the more costly of the two processes. It comes in fine-grained or larger crystals. Generally, sea salt contains more minerals and trace elements which are missing from regular table salt. Use Cerulean Seas Sea Salt as a cooking ingredient or a condiment as you would regular table salt for a slight change of pace.